Armand Gregory Frost was born in 1928 to two mortals. His parents died at a young age so he has no siblings. He developed his abilities at the age of twelve and after he manifested he ran away from the orphanage that he was in and went to Gregory Lufkin, who was well-known at the time for helping children who were manifesting strange abilities. After Lufkin died in 1944 when Armand was sixteen, he left Lufkin's school with three other students; Louise Thyre, Paul King and Eleanor Basten. The four lived together and became great friends. Armand and Louise married when Armand was twenty-two and they had their first child when he was twenty-four.

It is not known who Armand's parents are as they died in a car accident when he was just a baby. The people who found Armand knew that was his name because of the blanket that had his name on it. After he was put into the orphanage, he was never told that his legal name was Armand Julian Astorman. When he became an adult he found out his name and changed it to Armand Gregory Frost. Armand married Louise Thyre when he was twenty-two and she was twenty. Together, they had several kids; Cathleen, Carrie, Cassidy, Caius and Camille. Armand has nine grandchildren and twenty-three great-grandchildren.

Armand has the ability to manipulate the age of any living organism. He is capable of making any organism older or younger to any extent. He can also use this ability on himself, which he does to make himself eternally young. He also uses this ability regularly on his wife, however, he does not use the ability on his children and their kids as if his ability is used too many times on a person it begins to weaken the individual who is having the ability used on them. The person weakens until they are eventually left immoble and unable to use their powers. Armand is able to use this ability to make an organism age until they begin to rot and decay. Alternatively, he can also use this ability to turn a person back into a fetus which would slowly kill the person as they aren't able to get nutrition.