Louise Eileen Thyre was born in 1930 to two mortal parents. She lived with her parents and several siblings until she manifested her abilities when she was thirteen years old. Her parents sent her to Gregory Lufkin and she never seen or heard from them again. She lived with Lufkin until he died a year later. Louise left the school with her future husband, Armand Frost, and two friends; Paul King and Eleanor Basten. After living with the four for six years, she married Armand and the two moved into their own house. Louise had her first child when she was twenty-two years old.

Louise's parents names were Harold and Jean Thyre. Her siblings' names were Justin, Martha, Edward, Aspen and Connie. When she was seventeen, her siblings and parents got in a car accident and they all died except Aspen who was paralyzed from her injuries. Louise married Armand Frost and they had five children; Cathleen, Carrie, Cassidy, Caius and Camille. She had nine grandchildren and twenty-three great-grandchildren.

Louise has the ability to create and control plants. She is able to make any kind of plant grow from anywhere on the ground or from her body. Her only limitation is that she cannot make plants grow from man-made objects. She is able to use her ability to make plants grow to supply herself with any kind of food that grows on plants. She often uses her ability to grow vines from her hands which she uses to grab things that are out of her reach or to entangle her enemies.